Well I think I am ready to tell my story.

Well to start this story lets start from the beginning. I was born in Milwaukee Wisconsin in a cold winter afternoon in 1975. I came into this world with a mother and father like we all do in the beginning. What I remember from this is that my parents got divorced shortly after I was born. I lived with my mother until I was 13 and then my father came into this story. I will break this all down better as the days go on. I will find this blog as a way to heal for myself. It’s hard to write things down on paper to see what you really been through in your life. I find this very hard at times because of the things we go through in this life. Some of things are very simple, and then again some things that I will go through will be the hardest things to talk about here on this blog due to that I am amazed that I am alive to tell the story. Again I will get into this as the time allows me too.

I will start with my mother first, she was born in 1951 to a family that was very strong in the religion standpoint. My mother had a great up bringing for the most part of her life. My grandparents I remember just a few things about for they died when I was in my teens. And as a young boy growing up, you never take the time to ask your grandparents questions that make sense to you until it is to late. And in my case my grandparents died in 1982 which was my grandmother on my mothers side, and then my grandfather died in 1991. But from what I knew about them they where simple people from what I gathered from talking to my parents over the years. But my mother graduated from high school. And my mother never went to college. For back in them those days it wasn’t necessary to do so. My mother had a lot of struggles in her childhood and adult life and all the way until her death in 2010. My mother story is a very sad story, but it made me who I am today due to these things that she went through and the things she made me go through as well.

Now my father story. He was born in 1950. My father came from a poor family and a very abused one if I can say that. My father grew up on the streets moving from place to place like I did myself many years later. My father graduated high school, and then joined the Army to serve his country in 1970. My father met my mother in 1969 and got married to her shortly after. The day of the marriage I do not have for the lack of information here. But after the marriage they lived in Germany while my father was serving the Army. My father got out of the Army in 1972. Then came back to Milwaukee to start a family. My brother was born first in 1973, then I came into the world in 1975. So this is a history of what my parents did and kind of how I came into this world to write this blog to share with you.



2 thoughts on “Well I think I am ready to tell my story.

  1. Do you believe that people come into your life for a reason? I do and whatever reason it was that you came across my blog first is most likely a sign. Some people we meet in the course of our lives, help us and guide us through difficult times while others are here to stay a lifetime.
    You might find it strange to know that I grew up in Germany (I am German living in the US which is my second home for many years). As I came to the US with my Ex Husband I lived in Bellevue, a suburb of Milwaukee I’m sure you know and worked at Offut Airforce Base.
    We could have crossed paths somewhere before 🙂


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