Where I am going with this blog…

Well, I am learning that creating something for the world to see is not an easy task. I have asked myself why am I doing this for, I mean who really would take the time to read what I would have to say anyways. I should not be worrying about these things at this time. To tell you a bit about myself, I have a life that has been full of many blessings. I am a very simple person that looks at things differently than most people would due to the places I have been in my life. I look at life as being simple. It really isn’t that hard to figure that out when you take the time to turn off your phones or get off your social media sites. I have no Facebook or Twitter or any social media actually. I find this world a lot more peaceful this way. I know this is something that I believe in. I guess where I am going with this is that life is way to short, and I want to live in the moments that are in front of me. And sitting on my phone and not having the conversations that I should be happening is a very sad depressing thing for me. People are dying all around us everyday, and I think that it very important that you take the time to take a drive to see your parents, or even your friends or someone that you care about. You might not have that chance to in the days to come. People think that you are guarantee a new day everyday you wake up. But the question I have for you is do you really think that? These are somethings I want to hit in this blog and share my stories that might help change your life, or even might save it in the end.

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