Letting you know about the spirit…

Well, here I am posting in the evening hours of the night looking out at the full moon listening to music that keeps the soul at peace. I am trying to figure out the directions of my life since I found out about my health issues that started 4 1/2 months ago. I am on this rough road lately with not many clear answers. I would like to say for starters that no matter what happens to me, I will fight this off the best way I can. With this said I need to open the doors up to you about spirit, that is really why I started this blog in the first place.

I know I have been all over the map so far with my posts, and for this I am sorry. But then again I find it fun because you never know what you will see here with me as I’m on this journey.

So the spirit thing, what does this mean to you when I say that word? To me spirit is what everyone has with them. I believe in God, and that he has angels that are around us. But to tell you the truth I am no bible beater by no means. My faith has been built on spirit and what happened to me when I was first approached by it at the age of 7, and then many years later at the age of 35. My life wasn’t a great one growing up, I kind of hit on this before in earlier posts. But growing up with abuse and a mother and a step-father that were drunks wasn’t something I deserve. I know one thing is that you can’t pick your parents at birth. But saying that God gave me a set of parents that were good people but made some bad choices in there lives. I am not here to judge my parents, I am here to tell you that I over come what most people would of never done coming from where I came from.

I came from a step-father that was a mean person period. He would hit me all the time to abusing me in ways well, we will leave them details out for the moment. But my mother and step-father married shortly after my real father got the divorce done in 1976. Later posts I will share that story about my parents divorce and how and why my real father did what he had to do. I mean in a short way of telling it, my father had to survive that’s it plan and simple. But getting back to my life at the early age of 7. I went to bed one evening after my step-father got done abusing me. I went to sleep, and a few hours later, I was woken up by a bright light and this shadow came to my bedside. Now remember I am 7 years old and this shadow look as big as a house that big, it was really maybe 7 feet tall at the most.

But when it came to my bedside that evening the shadow or angel I found out later told me that I have a gift, and that gift was to be used wisely. It will change the way people will feel about themselves and others. Now again at 7, I had no idea what this all meant for me until I came back to it when I was 35 years old.

As, the years went on my life took turns for the worse. I never got help for my issues until I was 35 and went into a treatment home for the attempt of suicide when I decided to take a hang gun and shoot myself in the head. The problem with that is that the weapon didn’t go off. And for these reasons I am sharing with you in this, I knew some spirit was watching over me. But getting back to the treatment center I was there for over 35 days and learned a lot about myself, the first thing I learned that non of what happened to me was my fault. It was the lack of learning that my parents did the best they did for what little they had at the time. Before I went into treatment, I blamed my father a lot for what happened to me and my life.

My mother was killed in 2010. The killer is still out there at this time. I feel that what ever is going to happen to my mothers killer that God will judge this person in the end. But getting back bouncing all over the place in this post. My life was not much to talk about. I would lie and hurt people for the sake that I wanted them to feel my pains. I never had relationships that latest because of the lack of treatment that could of saved them. I have only been in four major relationships in my 41 years. But the point is I was a train wreck.

But the winter of 2011 and early part of 2012 saved and changed my life forever. That treatment center was the wake up I needed in my life. And that is when the power of spirit awoke in my body. I left the treatment center to move back in with my father. And here is a short story, my father and I did not get along for years at a time after I moved out of his house. So coming back to my fathers place was a huge deal that he was taken a risk that I was going to change into something better than I was before.

Well, I never looked back after the treatment and moving home. I have been on the road of recovery and still see therapist once a week to move me forward in different ways so that I never have to go backwards. But during this last 5 years spirit entered my life. And in a huge way. That gift that angel gave me was a gift that I never seen coming. And what it was is a way of communicated with the people that had past in this lifetime. People would call me a medium, and I just call myself a spiritual advisor. I don’t go make any money in what I do, I have no book deals, I am just me in this journey with spirit.

I help people find closure with there loved ones that had past. I hear voices that I can’t begin to describe here in this post. I know some people are thinking ya right you really can hear the dead? And to tell you the truth yes I can hear them and the best part I will tell you is that they are not dead, they are alive and well to be honest with you. There is no better gift to know that when you die, that your not really dead that long. You go to heaven and  you come back to close things out in your life with your family or friends or even someone that you really cared about that meant the world to you.

I know what I am saying is true, and I don’t care what people think about this. I have a relationship with the spirits that have lived a life here on earth. And it really is an honor to do what I do. I do not do this full time, I run a small business out of my house and want to make my money there. I do not want to disrespect the spirits and making money on their behalf, because if loved ones are trying to find closure why would I ever charge them for my services. That is not what God wants me to do.

I know that people believe in many things, I am not here to tell you to believe in God if you don’t believe in him, I am telling you that what ever you believe just know that your truly not alone in any of your thoughts and dreams. There is that loved one, or your friend or even your special pet you loved growing up next you following you in what ever adventures you are taken in your current life.

I will be breaking this all down even more in the coming posts. I will tell you what I know from what I hear and what heaven is like for many people have come down to tell me in there words what it’s like, and let me tell you not one story is ever the same. So fasten your seat-belts and enjoy this blog and what it has to offer to you. For I know in my heart what I am going to share with you is the best of my knowledge on how this works from my end of things. I might not be right in a lot of things, but this is what the spirit has told me to share with you here. Thank you and enjoy my life through the spirit…

11 thoughts on “Letting you know about the spirit…

  1. I believe you and had a few encounters / things happen that were hard to explain, understand or believe from outsiders. Yet I know what I experienced. I do believe that my beloved pets sent me a few signs before and it gives me great comfort to know that my Dad and Nikki (one of my dogs) are walking right besides me. I know that I have never gotten over their loss and they are on my mind every day.


      1. My father died as I was 10 but my parents had bought an old house in Germany which they were in the process of remodeling as he passed in an accident at work. He did work much on the house, so I would say yes that he was good with tools.


      2. Hey there, I might check back in later. It’s been a long day and I have been up since 3:30 with more work on the way tomorrow. I might post something if I have the energy, but most likely just relax a bit since my job is still very demanding. Got to make some money, right!!!
        Take care and be hood to yourself for now.


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