Looking at the stars…

Well the sun has set for another day, and when I was walking from my house to walking over to the office which by the way is like maybe 150 feet from the house, I look up and noticed the stars tonight. I took a bit and look up and realized the beauty of this world and what it has to offer. I mean we have so many things that can take your breath away, and looking at the stars always does to me. And I mean I have looked at them many times before in my life. But for some reason tonight was different then other nights due to the fact of where my life is going lately with all that I am battling mentally and physically.

This evening I went to Amherst and had dinner with my family and my grandfather that is 91 years old. I was just looking at him and was thinking to myself what an amazing life he really had. I mean born in 1925, and from that time he had an experience that many wished that could of had. He was in World War II, to getting married to the love of his life, to raising 4 beautiful daughters. And then later in life to loosing the love of his life. And now he is all alone in his house in Amherst. I know that he is a man of faith. I know that he believes in God, and he not ready to throw the towel in as of it. He is a fighter when it comes to his life.

Just watching him this evening just gave me a lot of hope. I mean he has battled a lot in his life and he is still battling just to survive. Surviving without his wife is a big thing for him for he doesn’t speak of it. But I know that he misses her and loves her so much yet even without her being in his presence. Here is another thing about him, he has a heart that is failing him as well. He had an major heart surgery at the age of 88 which is unheard of for the age that he was at. It was an experimental surgery. His odds were not good going into that surgery, but he is still here with us at 91.

But my point is with my grandfather is that he has beat the odds in everything that he has done. He is not a quitter by no means. He has lost the love of his life and he continues to love his life even though it isn’t the same by a long shot. Most people at his age would of gave up, a lot of people would of not want that live that long period due to what ever was going on in there life at that time.

I brought my grandfather into this tonight because he really was a star to me in the sense of what he has done in his life. And his light shine bright with this family. And looking up at the sky tonight made me think of him in the sense of that light that he shines down to all that he has touched in this world. So, this is I want to put out in the world for people to read because we all have something to give in this life. And if we are all stars like my grandfather was, then our light is important as his was in the sense that we need to shine for others in there time of darkness. If we can bring the light out of everyone that is looking for it, then this world would be a greater place to live.

So shine on stars and know that I know that the next time I look up that there will be extra lights beaming down on me for that the people that read this blog will know that they need to go out there and help someone so that they can shine even in a time of darkness. That’s what this is all about helping others in this time of dark times of there life.


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