Almost midnight here…

Well as another day closes out, I wanted to end this day with one last post of the evening. I know that my posts today were very hard because they have talked about my struggles and pains that I am currently going through. But I wanted to end this night my saying a few things here, and the first one is that I did get through another day, I know that it wasn’t all my doing. I know that God has helped me in this journey so very much and I owe it to him to tell him thank you even in my times of troubles. I mean with out his help I don’t think I would still be alive here. I mean these are the miracles I have to believe in no matter how bad things get for me. The bottom line I got to see another day when a lot of people didn’t make it through this day.

I have to keep things in perspective here no matter what, I mean I know its okay to go through the pains, but make sure that you always come back to center at the end of what your feeling. I am so thankful for having this day to come and lay these problems on the world, it is very cleansing for me to come here and lay the stuff in my head here in these posts. I know that things are going to get better and I need to keep that perspective again here. But when your not feeling good it’s hard to fill the love around you. It’s hard to let the things in that are good too for that matter.

So goodnight world for another day, and I pray that tomorrow will be a new day in the sense of what I need to accomplish to start feeling better about myself during these tough times in my life.

Goodnight moon and Goodnight stars… And good night people every where you are. And know that you are loved by all, and most important you are loved by God.

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