Looking out my window…

Well waking up today wasn’t as bad as yesterday. I woke up and laid in my bed for a few hours talking to God and to asking him with do I need to do different than yesterday. I woke up and walked around to loosen the sore muscles in my body from sleeping wrong. I mean I sleep all different ways in my bed, I even rip the pillow cases off the pillows. I mean who does this at all? I don’t know to many people out there other than myself that take there pillow cases off when they are sleeping. You can call me weird on this, I am perfectly okay with that actually.  And to top this off,  when I away the sheets are off the bed and I am laying there like a cold dog with out his blanket. But that is nothing new for me. I never was much of a sleeper since my journey started with spirit. I mean I never thought that being with spirit would keep me as busy as I am to be honest with you.

So, with this said I am in my office and it is a little pass noon here, and I look out my window to see the clouds yet from the rain and snow storm we had last night, and I look at the ways of what nature is telling me to look at. My other window I see the horses eating out of there feeders and they look peaceful at knowing that they are loved by this family around them. When I was looking at the horses I was amazed to see how they handle the stress of the weather. I mean they find strength in everything that mother nature throws at them. I am no horse whisperer, but if I had to guess what they are thinking, I would have to say that they are thinking about no matter how big the storm that they overcome it quickly due to the nature that they can’t be thinking negative for they know the better things are coming down the path for them.

I can learn a lot about there energy and how they adapt to everything that nature throws at them. When things are rough in my life, I have the choice to making it better, or I could just sit in this and make nothing out of life. What good is life at that point when you can’t get out of what your feeling. So, I choose to live the life that I think will get me through what ever nature of spirit wants me to do at this time. Yes, it hard always knowing that your not doing good, then I remind myself that there are worse off people in this world right now that would love to have what I have even though it might not be the best option for them. Things can always be worse. I have to keep this in my mind that it always could be worse. I mean I get to eat food, and drink clean water today. Just as simple as that. How many people are thinking about drinking clean water today? So with this all said, I will going into town to help people with the spiritual thing they are looking for. I will stop and get some coffee and I will enjoy my ride into town looking at the beauty of what God has given to me today.

Last thing I want to say is look out your window at some point today and know that there are things in this world that are worth every second of why your alive. Don’t take all day to search for them, no need for that when the miracles are standing right outside your window.

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