Going into the unknowns…

Well, I sit here after a day that I had to put our dog down, and I am looking out the window and the grey heavy rain clouds. I sit here and wonder why I am writing a post. I was really in no mood for writing anything today. I wanted to go out there and get a few things done before tomorrow’s big day. But the weather had to slow my ideas down of what I should of been doing. And maybe that is a sign that I just need to slow down a bit today and take my time and just figure out what next for my life. I mean I know that I haven’t been thinking about tomorrow’s big appointment for I don’t want to find out the results of what is truly going on with me at this time.

Then the other part of me is like maybe it is a good thing to find out then you can adjust your life to making things better in the end. I am so all over this post once again trying to figuring out what the plans are for me in the end here.

So I will end by saying even though it is raining out today, I will try my hardest to making things happening in the sense of me slowing down a bit and realizing what I need to do and feel about after tomorrow’s big day so that I can plan for a better future for my daughter and myself. In the end this is all I have left is my daughter and myself. So, I pray to God that some miracles are coming around the corner for me that’s all I can do at this time anyways. I have to be a bit more patient in the sense that it will get better. I have no choice in this way of thinking…

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