Love one another…

The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in. We think that we don’t deserve love, we think if we let it in we’ll become too soft. In the end, what of I learned is love is only rational act. We need to focus more on loving each other and loving ourselves in this world. With this all said, knowing this it makes your life more filling.

Let me talk about why I am bringing all this up for, I have lost the love of my life and for that I am not asking for anything in return, but I have to start to learn to love for myself again here. I have to love evening if there is a chance that I might die. And knowing that you can die at any time makes it better in the sense of that I better make the right choices when it comes to love so that I have no regrets on anything or anyone for this matter.

The bottom line here as you grow, you learn more about yourself. And I never stop thinking that we ever stop growing in our lives, even when it comes do dying. That is why I believe we should be fully present in what we do in our lives. Don’t worry about the things you have no control over, but control and stay in the focus of the present things that can change your outcome. None of this is easy at all. You have to try hard at everything we do as human beings. But I think when it comes to the focus on what ahead of you, then you need to give it all your attention. That doesn’t mean letting the past slip back in. The word past means it done already and you can’t get that time back. People always around say I am going to make up for lost time, and to tell you the truth about it, the lost time is gone. That is what the word lost means.

I know that we all struggle through these events in our lives. But taking issues on and making results out of them is more important that any pity party we can give ourselves at this time. That is love to me, it loving someone more than you love yourself. But not taking so far that you forget that who you are in this either. Love is a powerful word that gets used a lot in today world. But are we really understanding it power and what it really means for us?

Love to me is staying alive no matter what life will throw at you. And even after we die, love must stay there for the people around us, that’s very important part of love. I know that some people believe well how does love stay around after a person dies? And to tell you the truth it is the memories that where made out of love that keeps that person love alive in your heart. That is what I learned about love, it’s more than saying it to me, it’s keeping that flame in your heart about that person that changed your life in some ways of meanings. When I lost the love of my life, I didn’t just stop and changed directions, I went to her love and put it even more in my heart so that I could move on with my life. Yes, it is painful, but without pain we do not grow as human beings either.

Love has no limits of what a person can put on it. Love has to be patient in our lives. These are lessons that I am forgetting today about love. How can I remember to tell myself to keep loving in these times of struggles? Well if I had to answer my own question then I would have to tell myself that there are miracles at work, and that I can learn to not shut down, but to open up more in my times of trouble here.

So, leaving this post, the best thing you can do again for yourself today is to go tell someone that means something to you that you love them. I mean really do this, because there is no guarantee for the next hour of your life. So, go pick up our phone or go for that drive and see someone that you haven’t seen in weeks or months. Believe me when I tell you that there is no better gift of giving someone your time. There is no price for the time you can spend with people that care about you.

Well, I hope this helps people out there what my meaning of love is to me, from my heart to yours.

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