Well I am recovering…

I just got home to sit in front of my computer and to tell the world today that my morning surgery is over, and I am waiting for the results that hopefully will change my mind forever in the sense of moving forward. Am I scared, to tell you the truth I am scared as anyone would be if they were in my spot. I have to remain calm and hope for a great result, and even not a great result then I will worry about that a future time.

I will be in touch later with more posts, I need to go recover and take a afternoon nap. But thank you to all out there that have helped me in this  journey so far, your efforts will not be forgotten…

8 thoughts on “Well I am recovering…

  1. Been thinking about you and kept my fingers crossed all day for you. We have to believe in the good and while it is understandable to be scared, try to be as positive as you can.
    Just got home after a long day with more snow on the way and having to work tomorrow, but wanted to check in and see how you are doing.


      1. And you could go home that quickly? That sounds like something that you should be in the hospital longer for and I would imagine they had to tell you that some blood will be coming up???? Right? If not be careful and keep an eye on it to make sure it’s not getting worse. I know you are in a waiting phase until the test results come back, but keeping my fingers crossed.
        Sorry life is so busy for me right now and gotta run again and get things ready for tomorrow. Might pop back in in awhile but don’t have much time. 😔


      2. Well be careful and be safe and I know life gets busy and I totally understand that I do, and yes they let me go after 8 hours of being in there. I just don’t know if I will have to go back yet due to the blood coming up. But check back when you can. And thanks for thinking of me..


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