Another day winding down

Well, I am holding this evening and I can’t thank the few people that actually reach out to me and you all know who you are that did, and with that said thank you.

As this day is coming to a close, I have to say it turned out better than I thought. I learned a lot about myself today, and what I learned the most is that it is okay to let go of things that were hurting me before. I tend to hang on to things way to long. I mean when something happens I have to break it down, and then break it down again and again like maybe 10,000 times or more, and then after that another 10,000. And then finally I let it go once and for all. I don’t know how many people do this, but I need to stop myself from doing this because it really slows your life down.

But getting back to things, I told myself that I would be okay, and no matter what happens I will work through these pains or struggles. I mean I have no choice but to do this. And knowing this makes it feel a little better even if it’s for a second at a time here.

But closing out this post, I can thank the Lord above for giving me another day at life. And I can thank him for the few friends that I do have, and also when things take a turn for the worse like they did today that I didn’t let me beat myself down like it normally would have. So with this, I have a lot to be thankful for. And I hope that anyone that is reading this post is thankful for what they have in front of them too. Life is too short for games, in the end it is keeping as real as you can with yourself and others. No better way to live by these simple lessons. Until next time love yourself, and learn to live one another…

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