Still alive…

Today has been really rough for me. My body pain levels are at an all time high here. I might be going back into the doctors office this evening if the pain doesn’t go away like it should be. I know that my liver is suffering, just don’t know how much it’s really suffering to be honest with you. I was never a drinker or smoker in my life, and to have something like this going on is really big for me in the sense that I don’t want to die. I come to write in these posts to give you and update from time to time. I hope that I will continue to keep writing in these posts. If you don’t see any in a few days then you know something has gone wrong with my health.

In the end I wanted to thank everyone for there support in this rough journey with me. I hope and pray that some cure is coming for me down the road. I have to stay strong and I am working on this during this difficult time of my life. Well, I will post more later in the day hopefully unless something changes for the worse.

But until next time love yourself, and go out and love one another as well…

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