Wednesday morning thoughts…

Well it is another nice day outside today, the temps are going to keep climbing from this point forward. The 50’s and lower 60’s are on the way for the weekend here which will be really nice to have. We haven’t been that warm since October of last year. But I am writing to tell you that things are going better, I am getting myself to a bigger hospital that will be reviewing my case with my lungs and pancreas and liver. I find that hopefully this time around I will have more of a clear picture to what has been going on with me since I been fighting this for over six months.

I came to write about today that I am calm, and for me that feeling of being calm is something that I haven’t felt in quite some time. Being alone with your thoughts can drive you crazy. But then after awhile you hit a point of knowing that you have no control of your health and that you have to give that to God above. And when you know that time is ticking away and being in a dark spot makes you realized that your wasting time in the good things you should be doing.

I know that it hard to be happy when your feeling down and out. It’s hard to move forward at times when you are truly alone with your thoughts. But then you tell yourself that you have to pick up the pieces at some point and start moving forward. Sitting in pain isn’t what I wanted to do in my life. I want to get to that point that I am truly at peace with everything that I have done in my life. I know that I will get there. Everything takes times and I just have to realize that it’s going to take more time. And sometimes that is the hard part of this story. You don’t want to wait, you want to move and makes things happen again.

In the end of this post, I am calm like I said before in this, and I hope to remain there as long as I can. I find peace without worrying to much here about things I have no control over anyways. So, with this said, I will continue to move forward and know that I put my faith into God and that he will get me through these days of struggles. Until then be good to each other and know that everything will get better if you believe…

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