Thursday morning clouded day…

Well of to another Thursday, and my morning was the the morning I thought that I was going to have when it came going to the doctors. I am finding out more and more things that are not really that good when it comes to looking into my health side of things. I am learning this is one fight that I never thought I would be in when it came to my health. And when you want to get help with your issues, then everyone wants to fight you for some strange reasons, and your the one with the sickness, and all you find is doors closing in your face. And I don’t think that is right, but then again I am not in the field of the medical side of things either.

It’s hard to believe that I have over 400,000 dollars tied into this, and no answers to my health failing me yet. I look at that money and can’t believe that there has no been one answer to anything that I am going through yet. I am going to the Madison where there is bigger help for me. And going down there is over a 2 to 3 hour trip one way. But they have some of the best doctors in the world working at the university there. This is my last true hope of getting some kind of help for my liver and pancreas.

Well, my posts are starting to sound all the same here, and I am sorry for that, actually I am not, these are my feelings and I want to keep things real on what I feel here when it comes to the issues that are upon me at this time. But, I will know walk away from this computer and get outside and do some walking I think, that always helps clean the soul. I have to go back and remember it is the simple things that we need to look at. And for me going for that walk in simple enough in the sense of clearing the mind set. Take care, and take care of each other as well…

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