Friday snowstorm…

Well we got hit with new snow after having 7 days of higher than normal temps in our area. Today we received over 4 inches of new white snow and maybe another 3 inches to come tonight depending on the track of the storm. It was so hard to believe that it was in the middle 60’s this past week and now to see snow and the temps in the lower 20’s is a little hard to take at this time. But we are still in February here. And next week we roll into the month of March which to me is even harder to believe. Time is moving so fast lately. I mean spring is just around the corner here for us. I never thought that every year goes faster than the year before. But it’s not about slowing the clock down, it’s about enjoy what is truly in front you. And to me that is where sometimes we overlook things in out life.

I mean I never stop to take the time to really watch the snow fall to much. I am always in a different frame of mind lately. But then again today I did take some time and looked out my office window from home and realized that this snow is important to nature. And I took the time to realizing that the snow is pure and brings things to the crops and the rivers and the lakes around where I live. I believe in the power of spirit and what it does for us as we continue to move forward in this life.

I know that the trees will be waking up from there silence soon the leaves will be budding soon in less than a month or so, and the flowers will be coming back out of the ground for another year. These are all spiritual things for me. I know that the trees are talking just like the flowers in the ground. Everything has to co-exist with each other. Even the animals are in talk about the arrival of spring. And to be honest everything has the energy in it to making things happen around us.

So in the end watching the snow is a great thing, before you know it the snow will be gone and the trees will be back in full colors and the flowers will be blooming in the fields around this farm. I just have to take some time and look and realize that things are in motion that we can not stop at this time. For I would not want to stop it anyways. It’s important to be in tuned what nature is telling us I believe and for this I must stop to pay attention what is around us. For time is moving and I must just take the time to listen to the things around me at this time. With all this said, have a great rest of your day and take the time to listen to the things around us…

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