The last day of February…

Well, today is the last day of February, and it’s great to know that I got to live to see another month play out. I mean the thing might not have played out the way I wanted it to be, but in the end it’s about being a live and even though I am not well, the point being that I had another month to live where a lot of people never got to make it is far. I find that amazing, am I the lucky one here? Actually, I don’t feel lucky, but I do thank the Lord for making this all possible for me. What else can I say to that I mean? Nothing to much really here, just to know that how blessed that I really am here.

So tomorrow we are off to March. And who know what this month will bring for all of us. I want it to be one of the months that bring happiness to all that are out there living life. I am a simple person and this will be a simple message today that I just want life to be as full as I can make it. The bottom line is I hope that everyone that reads this short message today just takes time to look at there lives and realize that they lived another month and more importantly than that is to just know that to appreciate everything that has gotten you this far in your life.

So, in closing like I always say here is to love yourself and go out and make that difference because you might never have that chance to look at things the same when it is to late in your life. Until again just enjoy the mysteries of God…

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