March winter snow…

March has started on a great note with snow. It’s hard to believe the white snow is coming down for the first of the month. But then again it is still winter from mother nature point of view. I got up early this morning, and went out for that walk into this fresh powder and felt the snow hit my face. Sometimes when the snow hits your face you feels like it tickles you skin. But today the snow felt so incredible to me because I felt like I was was being kissed by the angels and the angels where telling me I was going to be alright just keep moving forward in your life no matter what. Just being outside with nature there is no better things to be doing. The turkeys were walking across the land today and I felt that I just had to watch them for awhile. I was thinking about what they were doing in the sense of how they survive in this weather, and when it comes to just a life of a turkey.

I mean turkeys are ugly but beautiful birds to be honest with you. At one time this country could of had the turkey instead of the bald eagle as it’s national bird. But the point I am making here the energy of these animals and what they have to do to survive in these conditions. It just makes me realize again the importance of my own existence here in the sense of that I have to keep fighting this on as long as I can.

Walking back to the office I just looked up at the snow and told myself what a better way to starting this month of for me then seeing snow. Snow is pure, snow is something that is really special it cleanses the the things around us in our life. The power of the spirit needs this from time to time knowing that we all deserve to have great things in our lives at this time. I never ever want to go against what mother nature is doing for us. She is telling us to keep this fight going and she has giving everything she could to make this possible for us. The trees we have so that we can get air to breath, and the snow and the rain for us to get water, the wind to move the things that are bad in our life away from us. And then the ground the dirt and soil to telling us that we can put our bare feet and root ourselves when it comes to the troubles of this life time. Mother nature teaches all of that for us.

So in the end, enjoy what is in front of you, and be good to each other, and lets see where the month of March is going to take us…

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