Well the sun is shinning…

Woke up at 4AM and there was just stars looking out from my bedroom window. It was so amazing yet to think that there are that many stars in the sky. When I was a kid I thought that the stars where for everyone out there that made a wish at some point in there life. So when I look at the stars I still think about all those wishes out there and hope that everyone got there wishes answered some way of form here. The stars are like one big wishing well to me when I think about it. But that again is my way of thinking here. I know that it just peaceful to watching the night sky.

The next things that happens as I was watching it from my room was the sun was starting to come over the horizon just a slight peak of the light coming in from that horizon line. The next thing is that the stars went to hide under the blanket of warm light. I just find this so really neat inside knowing that how God can make things like this happen. I mean I used to never look at things this way before in my life, and to take the time to study it I find that really an amazing thing at this time of my life. There is so much beauty all around us lately and I just wonder why we don’t take anytime to just stop for a few minutes and see the miracles all around us

I just know that nature again is giving us messages everyday. Looking out my window was a sign first off that I will be alright that I lived to see another sun rise. I find this totally amazing that I even get to live another day when most people didn’t make it through the night. So sitting there in my bed looking at the stars this morning at 4AM made me realize that life has so much more to offer than we know. I mean you can’t even get it all done in a lifetime what life is about. But I took the simple road this morning and realized that the sun did shine, and it didn’t have too. But it did. I must take from this message that I must go out and do something different than yesterday. And what that is who knows, and the best part is that I have the sun shinning on my back to help me today in that journey. No better way to end this post by saying this, wrap the things around you that mean the most to you, and to me spirit and energy from mother nature is what I am going to be doing. So, with this I will go out there and hang with the sun on my shoulders and know that I have another day to make that difference out in this world…

3 thoughts on “Well the sun is shinning…

  1. It’s always been there, you just now have learned through your circumstances to notice and this goes for most people as most never see until adversity forces them to their knees.
    I’m glad you are taking the time and let this beauty fill your heart, and it may just be the very thing that will continue to give you additional strength to go on.


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