Being a tiger and what it means…

I had an old friend left me a comment on my post with me last night on this blog, and she was a great friend to me even though we never met before. But her spirit is so strong that the world feels her every movement through her posts. But I am writing this because I told her last night about being a tiger and what that really means. I studied the martial arts and still am studying and we have five animals that we study. One of them was the tiger, and I told her that her spirit was like being that tiger. See tigers are one of the most beautiful creatures on the earth and yet on the other hand one of the most dangerous at the same time due to what it does to survive.

I know that this person will read this post at some point and I wanted to tell her that being a tiger is one of the best things we have for being a spirit animal. The other spirit animals I study are the crane, panther and the snake and last the dragon. The tiger can’t live without the other four animals. We take a piece of everything in our lives from learning from others. So being a tiger is more than being just dangerous and beautiful. It has a purpose of healing the things around itself as well. No one things as tigers being healers, but they really are healers in so many ways.

Tigers have the ability to love more than any other animal on the planet at this time, and I see this in my friend and the way she writes on her blog. Again, I have only know this person since I have been on here for only three months and we have never met before again for the record. But if you take the time to understanding who people are like a tiger you become aware of lesser dangers in your life due to not just taking a person for who they really are. I know that I might sound crazy here but this person free spirit will carry on in everything she does in her life, and it shows in her words to the people that listen to them.

I know that this person will read this, and I know that she will be thinking why are you writing about me for, and to tell you the truth I am writing about you because I see this animal in you that has that beauty to change the world. You aren’t scared to take on anything in front of you. And you never look back on the things that already have happened. Tigers focus on the great things in life. They are family animals they care about there young and they want to help others around them. So next time you see a tiger don’t look at them as to killing you or that they are dangerous. Look at a tiger in the sense I look at this friend, that there is beauty around us if you really want to take it in. And the tiger has learned this from watching the beauty of cranes and panthers and even snakes around him. You can’t do anything alone in this world, you have to learn to have to have the ability to talk to others and understand your purpose. And when you truly understand these principles you will see life like I tend to see it for the first time.

So in closing, I hope that I have taught you a lesson about tigers in a short time span, but more importantly I hope that you see the beauty in people around you as well. I think that you can learn a lot about the people around you just by saying a warm hello, to just knowing that you can look at someone and tell yourself that your going to be alright in then end of things here.

So thank you my friend for making see the tiger today and I hope that you learn something from this post in some way that you will live your life as the free spirits as they animals do…