Walking on the path with my friend…



Today I woke up to seeing the sun shinning in the sky and I thought that I would talk a walk with a friend to understanding what the purpose of life is lately. So I was flying over the area I noticed a friend walking on the path today so I flew on down to see it was my friend a furry tiger just walking down the center of the trail. So, I landed next to my old friend and ask him how his morning was going, and his reply to me was that why does life have to be this hard? I look at my old friend and told him is it really this hard to live? The tiger just looked at me and said to me, “Do you see all this sadness in the world today, and to you realize that we are the ones that always try to make sense of all this great wonder that is around us Crane”. And replied to the tiger, “Yes, but that is our job in this world is to go out and make the difference in peoples lives everyday”. ¬†And the tiger replied back to me saying, “I agree but to we ever get a break in what we do Crane? Well, do we?” I could see that the tiger was wearing a deeper path in the trail that we were walking on, as I going to reply to the tiger I noticed a tear coming from his eye, and I was going to ask one of the strongest animals on the planet why are you shedding a tear for, but then it hit me. I seen something in my friend that the world needs to do more. And that is simply to just let it out what ever your feeling at the time.

I know that everyone is carrying some type of pain in there life today. I know sometimes there is not an easy fix to the things around us that hurt the most. I can relate to the tigers pain on this trail, I found out that I might be loosing my first love of my life due to some kind of cancer. I know that we aren’t together anymore, and that’s not the point of this, but the love I have will always remain strong for her as long as I live. I don’t take news of this very easily. I sit here and use these animals to tell a story like my master before me did. He had a way of his words that you never understood, but later down the road it would hit you and then you would understand the lesson he was teaching you years ago.

I remember a lot of the stories of the tiger and the crane walking down a wooded path together, and again these two animals in the end never would ever get along in the wild, but then again you never know what happens in this world when someone in a pain that is unbearable. I would like to believe that the tiger is shedding those tears because he feels a deep pain for his friend the crane, and yet at the same time the tiger is telling that crane to remain strong that better things are coming down the road if you want to believe in that.

Being a crane in my form of my life, it’s hard to see things for what they are in the sense of the pain that really is out there in this world. And to see my family and friends in pain, is not what this life is about. I know that walking down this path everyday with my friend that tiger clears my mind in the sense of that she teaches me to be kind to others. And watch out for the things that are hurting you and learn to move around them. The tiger tells me that even though she cries, she cries to become stronger. She cries for the ones that can’t cry at this time because maybe they can’t just cry. But the tigers tears are short lived for she looked at me and told me that we will get through these storms that are ahead of us on this path. The word I want you to remember out of all of it crane is this, “Believe”.

And as I looked at my friend I told her, that is what is what I am going to start doing more than ever is to believe. That is where we need to put our faith in the tiger looked at me and said. And after that was said, I wrapped my wings and feathers around her and told her what a great friend you are to me and to this world. As I released my wings from her fur, she grabbed me before I took off, and said to me, “Remember this talk we had today, for you will use this down the road for others to learn from.” And I looked back and told the tiger, “Thank you for this wonderful day and friendship.” Then I flew off into the sky thinking all about what the tiger has taught me today. And in the end of this story, go out there and make things happen today. It doesn’t have to be big things, but leave your mark somewhere in this world that it will be remembered. Maybe not by you, but by someone else and then they can take this and use it to help someone else out.

Until then be good to each other, and I thank my master for this story years ago, and I want to tell him that I will never forget all that he did for me growing up in a time of sadness and not having a family. For in the end, Master you were my family, and you were my tiger and my crane…