Spring Storm…

Another March storm has hit the area today. Today totals will reach around 4 to 7 inches of fresh new snow for our region. Which I guess I would have to say that we are still into winter as of yet. But snow is always a good thing I think like I have talked about before. Nothing wrong cleanses the world that I’m in at this time. Which is a good thing that Mother Nature takes the time to do.

Well off to another Monday here. And I’m still alive and in one piece for starters. Today I will be running around in this snow getting things done for myself that needs to get done. Off to the doctors office then my father and I will go have a nice lunch together and just talk over the things that matter the most at this time.

But I will be keeping this post short but just wanted to share this last note that I hope everyone this week will take some time to focus on themselves. I just think it’s important to slow down a bit and make sure your where your at in your life. I don’t think enough people take that time out of there days just to focus on simple things. I mean just take 5 minutes is all I’m saying to just be happy that your walking around and breathing in all this great air that the trees have giving to us. Just what ever you want to be thankful in the end is all I’m asking from you this week.

In the end, be good to yourself and the things around you…

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