The winds today…

Well the sun is out again this early morning and I woke up to the sounds of the wind hitting the house. The winds always remind me about the trees and how they talk to each other. Trees give us air to breath and I find it important to listen to the wind and the trees lately. I know the spirit of the trees are telling us some kind of message. Maybe it’s a very simple message, and then maybe it’s a message that you need to sit down and take some time to really understanding it.

I think the trees are telling me to keep moving forward with my plans as my health goes and also just to take some more time to seeing the miracles around me as well. So I am going to get outside on this cold day and feel the wind on my face and just know how good I really have it at this time.

In closing just listen to the things around you today for you never know what your going to be hearing. Be good to each other and just know that things are in motion that aren’t going to stop in the sense of who you really are….