Middle of March…

Well another day on the horizon here and I’m waking up a little later than normal here. I guess I needed to sleep a little longer then normal here due to my body needed it at this time. But it’s Thursday and I was thinking to myself about how fast the weeks are moving lately.  I mean it just passed the middle of March already. And to me that seems so unreal at times just thinking about it.

But then again time is time and it’s going to move no matter what we think of do. As we do get older the faster it seems to come and go. And our bodies start to age differently for sure in the sense that we aren’t 18 anymore. And boy my mind feels like it’s 18 but my body is telling me different for sure here.

I guess in the end I am going to close another short post by saying make the best of these days, because who knows how many you got left. Enjoy this gift in front of you called life. And with that said off to doing something that I’m going to enjoy and that’s taking the dogs for a walk in the woods…

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