Walking with my friend…

Well back in the hospital once again. Round 17 since beginning of January. Hard to believe I had 17 ER runs in, but I also have almost 28 days of being in the hospital as well being under the nurses and doctors care. Found out that they spent a total over 890,000 dollars on me, and the weirdest part of all that money spend I still don’t have a clear path to what is really going on with my liver and pancreatic issues at hands here.

This crane has been wounded badly. And I’m getting to the point if I’m ever going to fly again straight here. I feel so lost for words at this time. I know my tiger and snake and panther friends are still with me. And I know that meeting that special tiger coming on to WordPress has been a true blessing. I have walked this trail with my tiger friend lately and she keeps telling me to be strong.

Well I’m at my levels that I can’t be strong like this all the time. I’m fighting the fight with this health and all that keeps happening to me is that I’m getting more and more sick as the days go by here. I’m loosing weight like 35 pounds in the last three weeks. To eating really small meals. And been trying my hardest to staying alive here.

I just want to thank my special friend that tiger out there for being along with me as we walked down some dark paths. And what I keep learning from my tiger friend is not to give up yet. Well tiger if your reading this, I can honestly tell you I have never been so scared lately of all this stuff that has happened to me. And I’m so glad that your hear with me in spirit. 

With this all said, again feel the love that I share with you when again and wrap my wings around your warm fur. And just know if this is the end of the road depending what they find out, just know that I will always be apart of this incredible friendship we have built together in the short time of knowing you.. 

But let’s not worry to soon, and let’s keep walking down that path together no matter what happens in the end….

5 thoughts on “Walking with my friend…

  1. Your words wound my heart today white crane and I wrote about you earlier today. I’m not the strongest today either, but again I am telling you to fight and that giving up is not optional. You will fly again and I will be right by your side to soar once more. Hugs


    1. Well I’m with you on this path. I will do the best with my wings to pick you back up and I will make I dust you off from all the dirt on the path. Sometimes in the end here tiger we see beauty in our darkest hours of our life…


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