Surgery is the new word…

Well being in the ER for over 6 hours now has told me that my problems went from minor to major here in this short time. They are going to be removing my gallbladder and part of my liver that has been infected for quite some time. There are a lot of risks involved with these two organs alone. Then the third thing that is major is my pancreas.

They as in the medical staff are going to look and see when they first tore the pancreas what the scar tissues is really doing. Three weeks ago in a process of working on my liver they tore part of the pancreas. Well off coarse that did not help the problem at hand. But anyways three major organs, with three major problems.

So, they will be removing part of the liver and gallbladder first then coming in behind they will scope out the pancreas to see what’s really going on. My body has been fighting this over 7 months and counting here.

But in the end, I will try my hardest here at the hospital to write a quick post to letting you know what’s going on from time to time. Am I scared you might be asking yourself? Well that would be a big yes due to having such a major surgery. But my tiger spirit if your out there, this white crane is going to fight the hardest fight of its life. And I hope this all goes to plan. So that we can keep walking down this path together in the end of things here….

But until next time like I always say take care of yourself and the others around you…

3 thoughts on “Surgery is the new word…

  1. I’m right here with you, wishing I could do and say more to comfort you and take your fear away. It is major, but you need a major recovery to finally turn this around and leave the past 7 months behind. So I do need you to fight, because I do need you on this path with me. There are many more stories and experiences to be made, that I can’t do by myself. You see, you have no choice but to get better and it’s not your time to rest yet. You are needed, always know that. I’ll be thinking about you and fighting alongside with you.

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    1. Well to tell you the truth I need you too here in my life as well. I’m going to be going in soon for surgery. But know I will be taken apart of you with me, and that part is your love for people to live. This journey been a big one between you and I, and now isn’t the time to be pulled apart, it’s time that you my tiger to come and fly with me in the sense of what’s coming ahead of the both of us. In closing if something strange happens to me, just know I will never forget what we had. And what we had was them wonderful talks on that wooded path together. Many hugs and just know this crane is with you always…

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