Back at home with the dogs…

Well it is good to be home and away from the hospital. I never thought I was ever going to leave that place I mean first taking out my gallbladder then taken a small piece of my liver. I mean I never thought I was ever going to get to the end of this darkness. I can’t say this enough you have no idea it is nice to sit in front of my computer and look out my window and seeing the dogs playing in this sunshine for the last day since we are going to be getting over 5 inches of rain in the next few days starting tomorrow afternoon at some point. But anyways, let it rain I say, it’s just nice again to be home where I belong at this time.

I have a few people to thank in this post and the first one is my sister, she is my panther she is my best friend for life. She would check in from time to time with me and she never gives up on this life no matter what has to happen. She is my panther spirit because panthers are very distance, but when you need them they are there for you. The spirit of the panther is something that takes time to understanding. I mean panthers are beautiful in nature, but they can be one of the deadliest animals on the planet as well. Remember the four animals need each other as well as the dragon in the end. But, this isn’t about a lesson in the panther this is a lesson to teach me that my family is always there for me in the end.

So, the next thank you is to my friend that one day down the road that I hope to meet and that is my tiger spirit. And she knows who she is when she will read this post in excitement that I am home safe where I belong. Tiger what can I really say about you? I mean we never met, and I felt like that I have known your spirit for a life time here. I mean we are closer than close here, and for this I couldn’t be anymore thankful for all your uplifting words to me in the past few months and present for that matter.

You tiger where the first one that I reached out to, and I never thought that our friendship would of gotten us this far in the 3 months of knowing each other. With that said I hope you can feel my broken right wing around your warm fur and know that this hug is about everything we have gone through together as a team here. Thank you tiger, and with this said it’s time to give my dogs a warm hug and tell them how much they are loved in this world.


4 thoughts on “Back at home with the dogs…

  1. You are very welcome and welcome home and welcome back to roam the path amongst us. Don’t overdo it and take care of yourself. How can you sit on your desk already having undergone major surgery? Don’t make me roar at you stubborn crane πŸ˜‰. Hug panther for me and tell her that tiger said hi.

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    1. One last note it’s not easy sitting at a desk when your cut open in four different spots let me tell you. But I’m managing my pain pretty well for the meantime. And panther said that she enjoyed the talks she had with you and told you to be safe out in this world, and to hope meet you down the road someday soon. But off to bed for me now for it’s been a long day for this crane. Take care and thank you my friend again for everything…

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      1. You are welcome and you still shouldn’t sit up too much and put pressure in your incisions. Good night friend. Hugs for panther. Ok and you πŸ˜‰. Just kidding and probably shouldn’t make you laugh yet.


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