A walk with the snake…

Well, I was thinking about a lot of things the past few days and clearing my thoughts to what has been going on these few months. And I came across a memory that I had when I was studying the art. My master first was teaching about the snake and it’s importance to this world. And I remember doing katas with Master. And kata is form work that you do. For example there are over 40 different katas in my style. Not included weapon katas. But kata is important because it teaches you the moves over and over that you can do these things in your sleep. But more importantly when it comes to the fight, you just don’t think anymore you just do it with out any problems, because you do these katas for over years and years and then they just become ingrained in your head. You kind of feel like a Jedi after awhile because you can study someone so much that you see the weaknesses in the body. And believe me I have a lot of weaknesses and I was training I got my butt handle to me a million times over and over. But anyways katas are a form of training that marital artist do. So a snake kata for example might have 20 moves or 60 moves to it depending on the form that is needed to protect the snake. When you do these forms you look like a snake doing them, but the most important thing is that you feel the spirit of the snake in your blood as well. I am more a crane person to be honest, but I need to work on the snake forms as well or my crane techniques can get weak. Remember all 5 animals need each other in the end to survive in this world.

So, I got way off coarse with my story here, but I do remember working these snake forms and Master was getting mad at me because I kept looking him in the eye when we were working these snake forms. And Master stopped me and had a very important talk to me that I will never forget. He told me never to look at your enemy in the eyes, for the snake thinks he is looking into your eyes, but instead the snake is looking at every part of your body to put his fangs into you so that he can kill you with his venom. That is how the snake works. And I remember asking I thought we always look each other in the eyes, and Master says as humans yes it’s a sign of respect but in the animal kingdom is serves no purpose what so ever. And as you see people in this world there are a lot of snake people out there that will never look you in the eyes, and does are the people that need you the most in the end. It’s not about that they are weak, it’s about that they have something to bring to the table.

And I asked Master what was that they had to bring to that table, and Master told me when I first came to the dojo at the age of 7 that all I did was look at the floor that I could never look him into the eyes until many years later of training. But Master said to me I brought you to my table and you became more than a student to me, you became my family and dear closest friend in the end. I remember smiling at him and I said to him, really I was a floor looker and he reply, lets get back to the training.

That was my best memories of what I learned from my Master is the snake has it ways in this life of showing things and bringing things to the table. Not all snake are deadly as you think, and there is a powerful purpose to why these 5 animals all got together in the end. So, I want to question who ever read this today, what kind of snake spirit is in you? And what things are you going to do in the sense of helping other snake spirits around you? I know one thing for sure this crane will always have my 4 other animals with me at all times. Someone asked me years ago, why do you train? I train in the art so that I never have to ever use these forms or katas. That is why I train. I will let you think about that answer for awhile and find that hidden message of what’s in that message. But until then take care of yourself and the others around you today.

I will keep bringing more of these stories out as the days come and pass. I find it important that Master spirit can live in all of us not just one person…

11 thoughts on “A walk with the snake…

  1. Great post and always love to read about your experiences and views. I guess I would have to say that I had yo shed my skin a few times in the spirit of the snake. Painful and difficult at times, but in the end I always emerged whole. I’m not a poisonous snake as I don’t plan to inflict pain and bare my fangs into others. But I’m grounded and rooted within this earth I believe and I’m strong if I have to to be.

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    1. Well I’m glad you enjoy it. I had a lot of experiences with this life of mine, but I have so much passion for the martial arts. It changed my life completely when I was a child and still does in my adult years as well… and thank you for not shedding your skin…

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      1. I’m glad and I think we all need something to believe in and hold on to. You think shedding your skin is a bad thing? I don’t know if the arts have a different meaning when it comes to that, but I don’t see it as a bad thing. I think sometimes we need to let go of the things that weigh down our spirit, shed it off so we can be a new, improved, sleeker version of ourselves. So in that case i don’t mind leaving a cocoon behind, something that has died off so I can go on and be alive with more purpose.


      2. Nothing bad about shedding old memories off the body that is for sure. The snake has so many things about his spirit and people want to judge the snake way to fast. And to tell you something else, the snake is one of the most easiest personality to get along with, yes I did say that about it’s personality. But, there is another thing now that you have in your memory bank about the snake…

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    1. Well, I am feeling okay actually I am working late into the morning hours on paperwork here, and my thoughts have been racing all around tonight in the sense of what I want to do with my big day on Monday in Madison with the doctors actually. I am not out of the woods yet, but I hope the answers I get about my liver will be good this time. But thanks for asking me tiger about how I am doing? And I hope your feeling better as well…

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      1. Still congested with stuff in my lungs but I’m going to live I suppose 😉. Thank you.
        I won’t keep you, just wanted to check in you and hope you get your answers on Monday. I think you will and I pray they will be good crane. It’s about time so you can fly again and I can’t wait to watch you soar over me. Glad you feel better. Wrapping you in a hug with my tail. 😉


      2. I feel that tail around me this evening as I sit in my chair and you aren’t keeping me at all, I am glad your checking in, and I was thinking about you this evening as well in the sense of that I am so glad your in my life at this time. Well, I better not keep you either but feel my wings around your neck as I hug you softly and whisper in your ears thank you for your friendship…

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      3. You are very welcome and the feeling is mutual.
        I should go to bed soon, having to work tomorrow but may write for a short while. Have a good night, my friend white crane with the name of Bryan 😉


      4. Well, you get some writing done and don’t let me stop you from that gift you have. Again, thank you for checking in and just know that I am always here to bounce anything off if you ever need it. Last little note I have is that it’s people like you that really make this difference in this world. And when your feeling like it’s not working at times, just remember that it truly is in the sense of the way you have that gift of healing. There is no better gift than that. On that note sweet dreams to you once again…

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      5. Thank you for your sweet words but you do give me too much credit and you spoil me with your kindness. And besides I throw it all back at you as it takes a kind soul to see and recognize another. So thank you and sweet dreams my friend.


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