Last full day of March…

Well this is the last day of March and I can’t believe that my post is about the last day of this month already. Hard to believe that the time keeps moving so very fast. Well, spring is upon us here in this State of Wisconsin. The temps are going to be in the middle 60’s all weekend long and I think that is a great start to the beginning of April. But, this month what can I say about it, I survive two surgeries and I have made a few close friends this month in the sense of what I have all gone through as far as the health is going. One of them is very close in the sense of walking that trail with me on the path, and the other close one that I have is in New York and that she will be coming home soon after graduation from college. I am so proud of my sister I can’t even begin to tell you the words that I am feeling about her in the sense of how proud as a brother I really am of her. I know that we are close and yet we are 20 years apart in age, but I find it like she been my age the whole time of knowing her in the sense of how she has grown to be an amazing sister and even better yet an amazing woman.

Just know in the end I wanted to say that I hope that April will be many great memories for all that are around me. I mean I hope that everyone out there will have a great month without to many struggles in there life. I know that I have been an open book so far since I have been on this blog, and I will continue to keep being real here, and I know that a lot of things that I will still get off my back as the days goes on. I find this blog really a helpful tool in my life lately,. The few people that I have met on here have been angels in there own regards, and yet these two people that I know that have been through a lot in there life, but they still take the time to check in with me. I call these two people on here my friends, but yet on the other hand I feel like they are my family in the end, because they know everything about me in the sense of what I am going through here in my life. And I will keep taking these people on my journey with me as long as they can keep up with me on the trail. There is my tiger and there is my panther that have been my best of friends on this journey, and I wanted to give you both a warm hug for taking the time to helping me see things at times of my life, and then also to make me think outside the box as well when it comes to the issues at hand here.

So, in closing good-bye March 2017!

I will miss you in the sense of what you taught me, and what you taught me was to keep moving forward in my life no matter what happens, and to keep the people in your life the closest as you can because in the end these are the people that you are going to need the most in your life. And March if I can say, I hope when you return in 2018, that you will be more kinder to me in the sense of my health, and my family and my friends for that matter. So, off to April we go and in the end be good to each other and the people around you at all times. And to always remember to dream of the better days to come…

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