This is the path I am sharing this evening and it’s a special path indeed…


This is a very special painting of two special people on this trail that we call life. And to me I want to share this painting because it reminds me of what I am going through at this very moment in my life. If you look at the crane he is above the tiger and to the right of him in that sky. And as you look into the tigers eyes you see a passion that the tiger is carrying with her. And the crane knows that he is in trouble if he doesn’t start to listen to his closest friend on the path. As you look at the crane face there is not expressions on it. For that reminds me of myself at times. So, in closing this very short post, what do you see in this painting? Do you see an angry tiger? Or do you see a tiger trying to help a friend in need? This painting I did not draw or can’t or won’t take any credit for. But it has been used in our style for many years in the sense of a healing tool. Master had many stories that came from this painting, and he had a very good quote to this painting as well. And I will never forget this quote for it was used everyday in our dojo. And Master would of said that this painting means, “You are what you are, in the darkest corner in the darkest room of your life.” If you can figure out what Master was seeing in this painting to come up with a quote like that please share your thoughts with me on this as well. For all of us that have studied under Master to this day have no clue what he really seen and meant in this.

I wanted to share this with my tiger spirit tonight, for I found this an important piece to share in the sense that she has been through a lot like myself, and I know that I want her to know that I am going to get through this mess one way shape or form here. Enjoy this story my spiritual tiger, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this for sure when you get that time away. And know that I am on your path as well. There is purpose for all we do in our life, and we sometimes have to stop and pause and realize that we have each other in the end no matter what happens. May God be with all that read this, and be good to yourself and the others around you…

3 thoughts on “This is the path I am sharing this evening and it’s a special path indeed…

  1. I love that painting and any thoughts come to mind when I look at it. I’ll try to recap what it means to me and maybe what master meant with his wisdom.
    First I think that most people would interpret the tiger getting ready to harm the crane. People will always think the most logical or what seems to appear at first sight. I think that is where often judgement comes in and others such as the tiger who is often interpreted as a fierce predator might try to change in an effort to fit in and appease the assumptions of others. But in the end and in their darkest of hours we all are who we are and there just be no disguise. We do not need to jump to conclusions, and everybody is innocent until proven guilty. No judgement, no false pretenses. We all can coexist and we all make a choice of how we do it. We can either try to lose who we truly are in order to be accepted and to fit in. Disguising our true nature and letting a piece of us die in the process. Or we stand proud of who are, even if we stand alone. We might surprise a few bystanders along the way when we show them that we can coexist and get along if only choose to do so.

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