Time for healing…

Well off to another Saturday and the rain and storms are moving back into the area. I wanted to reach out and talk a little bit about what my next steps are for getting more treatment down for my pancreas and heart. I made some calls to the doctors that I was working with, and I am going to be setting up appointments for my pancreas and heart in the coming weeks. I know that you don’t get in fast enough is the problem due to everyone that is ahead of you in this process. I am trying to keep myself out of the ER in the coming days to weeks. I am on a special diet now that I put myself on and I am going to have some help with this diet with my tiger spirit as well. I know that I have to change this now before something worse can happen.

I got back on all my natural stuff. Things like taking a list of stuff that includes, corn silk, lobelia, horse chestnut, eyebright, damiana, fennel, hydrangea, cranberry, juniper, fenugreek, alfalfa, barley grass, and to many more to name here. But I also been taking my apple cider vinegar in the morning, as a shot in the evening as well. So there are other things that I am doing as well. I am going to be talking slow walks with my dogs and with my little coyote as well. Nothing is going to be fasted paced for me anymore. I woke up and realized that my health is the number one thing over my work at this time. I will be cutting back my hours at work too, for I am the owner and I do have people that work for me, that I will let them try to run things the way they see fit, until I can return to 100 percent here. These are big changes in my life. But I have to do this or I will die I think by the end of this year. Even the doctors have said this to me if I don’t slow down that I could pay for this or even die as well.

I know that I am going to have help with this journey. I reached out to a few close friends that mean the most to me, and one of them is telling me to go the distance in this and that it will be hard and embrace them struggles as they come. My one friend that I look to is that dragon spirit. For he has know me the longest it seems here. But the point being my dragon spirit had two rules for me, and the first one is to take time for myself, like going for them walks, and spend as much time with that little coyote, because that little coyote needs me more than anything. And she wants to be part of this healing process. I couldn’t agree anymore on that I told my dragon spirit. Last thing my dragon spirit wanted me to do, is to continue to write in this blog. He told me do not stop at all with this blog. People are looking at this, and who knows you might be saving a life or two with this in the sense of that your struggles are not all yours. That others have struggles too in there lives, and that if they read your story on how you got over this in the past few months or even a year or two, that in the end that there is hope. So do not stop this blog was his second rule for me. And I told that dragon spirit that I will respect that for sure.

Then the other person is this journey for healing is my tiger spirit. See I want to tell you about this tiger, she came into my life out of the blue people would say to me, but then again I believe she came her for a reason, that her blog was the first one that came across my page for a reason. And that was to be a great spirit for me in the sense of being there to help me see things in a different light. I know that we never met, and that isn’t the important part of this journey, the most important part is that she is there always in my body mind and soul. This tiger spirit told me this is going to be a hard road, but this crane doesn’t have to do this alone. For there are the spirit animals in every direction that want to see you get better in the end. The hardest part is that I am going to be even more open with my feelings with this tiger, which is going to be so very hard for me. The reason it will be hard is because I haven’t opened up in over 5 years to anyone after the lost of a few closest friends that I ever knew. And I told myself that I was closing off my heart for good, and now I am going to have to open this heart for the first time in years and learn how to trust tiger in this healing process.

So, in the end this is my healing process, and I could of gone on and on for hours about these two spirits friends. But, I look forward to seeing in the coming days to weeks where this journey is really going to go. Thank you both for being in my life at this time. And it’s time to just a a second for me to get my thoughts together today. And the first thing for me is to do is go work some simple katas of all the spirit animals that are always with me. And that is going to be a simple workout with the dragon and the tiger and the panther and the snake and that crane as well. Take care of each other and yourself…


22 thoughts on “Time for healing…

  1. I am beyond proud of you here, in reading what your first attempts are. You are a smart man and you know what’s good for you already. You just lacked execution and got overwhelmed. I believe there is more to this then just that and I know there are underlying reasons, but you are in your way. I can feel the hunger to claim your life back, to make up your mind and then go after it with all your might. That is the hardest part, the decision process and once we know, the rest is easier.
    It looks like you got your food plan up and I would like you to consider adding a glass of lemon water in the morning. It has many health benefits and you can check it out. Keep track and make sure you get your daily doses of everything good you need to feed your body.
    I love that you decided to work less and I was going to suggest it as I told that I wasn’t sure about your financial situation, meaning that I was hoping you could afford to. The walks and time spent with your little coyote is important for both of you. You feel better as a father being there and she will feel as if you are allowing her to care for you. She will also know that she is important in your life which will give her the wings to fly.
    As far as opening your heart, I will never push or pressure you into saying something you are not comfortable. I do believe opening your heart is part of the healing process, but it will be you who sets the tempo and who shares what you are comfortable with. I do need to know what’s going on in your day, how you are feeling, what the successes were and if we had any setbacks. I can’t read your mind and if I don’t know, I’m not sure what progress will be made over the next few weeks. Think about it and how you want to proceed. On the blog here or in a more personal setting. I do know how I would answer but you do have a lot of input here and it is you who is in charge of what success will look like. I know you can do it, I know you can make all of us proud (you already have, you just belong in a better place) and I know that this will become a thing of e past some day. Xoxoxo


    1. Well I have been around let me tell you in the sense of seeing so many things in my life. And to be open with you I know I have no choice to get better. This is the only options I have. Did you see the painting of the tiger and the dragon? I thought I would post that because it reminded me of you and my other friend that dragon. But I can’t wait for you to be there anyway you can for me. Thank you again tiger and many hugs…

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      1. Thank you I have a lot of images like that. My students and Master students did a lot of drawings when I was studying. So I am glad you saved it. I hope your doing well too been thinking a lot about you today in the sense that I hope your feeling okay…

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      2. You know it’s kind of funny to see the tiger and the dragon. You say I am a tiger and my Chinese horoscope says I’m a dragon. ??? So maybe I have tendencies of both.
        This tiger has to shower as time allows for no bath again hahahaha

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      3. Well I was in the Army and the longest I went without a shower was for 28 days and when I took my shirt off it just stood right up and never laid flat on the floor. So this crane protecting these freedoms knows about being a dirty crane for some period of time. Your right on this one…

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