Lightheaded and Nausea…

Well let me tell you going today was a very hard thing for me in the sense of what all happened to me. It hard to find out that you are battling major issues and yet you can find a way through the darkness. I mean I am not feeling the best first off and if this post seems like it is all over the place I am sorry, for if it is going to be shorter than normal. Please bear with me that the nausea has really kicked in and so is the lightheaded game as well. But I will try my hardest to keep you posted with this blog to the recovery of what I am going through at this time.

But, anyways I just wanted to thank the people around me for the miracles and the support that they are giving to me in this struggles at this time. But I will promise to keep you posted again. I have to go rest now, sorry for the shortness of this message. But please be good to yourself and the others around you…

Author: onewiththespirit

I am a spiritual advisor that is helping people understanding there struggles there life. I am currently struggling with an pancreatic disease so I decided to go and see what the world has to offer to me in these times of my own struggles by taking the time to understand other people struggles. I know there is a message for me in everyone that we meet. So, I am taking this journey to find out what those messages are...

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