One tired coyote…

Well off to another day here and I would have to say that I lived it the best way that I know how, and lately these posts have been short, but at the same time I thought to myself that they are better then nothing that I posted in the month of July. I mean that month thank the good Lord is behind me with them storms. But I will have to say this month I am trying to get better at this blogging and I know that I am rusty as a nail but who cares is what I say, and being sick makes it even harder to getting my feelings out there but I am trying that is all that matters. But I will leave you with an image tonight as well as I did yesterday. And this image is my little coyote sleeping away in this chair. It just makes me realize how good my life is and seeing her with some chocolate on her face made it even better. With this said,  I thought that I would start express my images maybe through pictures as well. I did learn that through my tiger spirit and with this said enjoy and take care of yourself and the others around you…IMG_0865.jpg

Author: onewiththespirit

I am a spiritual advisor that is helping people understanding there struggles there life. I am currently struggling with an pancreatic disease so I decided to go and see what the world has to offer to me in these times of my own struggles by taking the time to understand other people struggles. I know there is a message for me in everyone that we meet. So, I am taking this journey to find out what those messages are...

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