Having faith…

Today I was questioned about my faith as a person and how has it impacted me as I have lived my life. Now that is one big question and I had a hard time answering that questions for sure. So, I came on here to figure out what that really means for a minute. I mean having faith means that you trust God or what ever you believe that you will live to see another day. Having faith is knowing that at the end of the day you did you best with what you had in front of you as well. I mean I can go on and on about this question. But if I had to sum it up I would have to say my faith is very strong and that my spirit has been tested for sure these past few months for sure. I mean I had four major operations that I had to survive through, and to tell you the truth without having faith in knowing that my family and friends were there was a huge part of my faith. I mean I know a lot of people have gone through a lot in there lives, but in my point of view it was again my faith that I pulled through some of the hardest surgeries I ever been faced with.

I learned through my animal spirits that faith was being tested as well. I mean my sister in her panther spirit was a huge part of my survival as well. Then there was my dear friend on the path and that tiger spirit was pushing me to new limits that I never thought that I was ever going to be pushed too. Bare with me for it is really late here in Wisconsin like almost 2 in the morning here as I type my thoughts. But getting back to everything my tiger spirit has been my best friend going through this with me. She has an amazing sense of just knowing what to say when it is needed to be said.

But I would have to say having faith is one of the best things you have in your corner. Having faith doesn’t mean you have to go to church every Sunday either. I was told many years ago by my Master that we are in the mission field and you better have your faith in tack because you never know who is going to jump on your path and try to hurt you, or in the other sense maybe having that faith might save someone else life on that path as well. So you can look at this from both ways here. But Master Wong wasn’t afraid to throw his faith and spirit out there when he needed it the most. Master Wong was a very simple man, and I think that his faith is what made him live so long. And I always watched him in that faith everyday as he taught his students that is for sure.

But in closing, just know that my faith is strong, and I am going to get through this sickness and I am going to get stronger than ever. My daughter needs me in this life and so do to the people that matters the most to me in the end as well. With this said again, take care of yourself and really take care of the others around you as well…

Author: onewiththespirit

I am a spiritual advisor that is helping people understanding there struggles there life. I am currently struggling with an pancreatic disease so I decided to go and see what the world has to offer to me in these times of my own struggles by taking the time to understand other people struggles. I know there is a message for me in everyone that we meet. So, I am taking this journey to find out what those messages are...

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