A spirit of a dog…

Well it stopped snowing out for the meantime and the weather is changing a little bit for the better let me tell you. The temps are above freezing and hope that we can stay out of that pattern for quite some time. But anyways, what is new about today well I can tell you that I am alive to see the sun shinning, and I been busy taking the puppy for a walk, and let me tell you he is lazy as a puppy. But having a dog been a really good thing for me and my depression with what has been going on for quite some time. Having a dog means you have to take care of it, and the funny thing I think it is actually working both ways here. I think that he is taken care of me as well.

Every time I see him his tail is wagging so fast that I think it is going to fall off due to that wagging of that tail. But he is always happy to greet me when I get back home and he likes to play in the snow a lot as well. But I will share a image of him in a minute here. I know your thinking what did you name him, well I named him Spirit. And for the reasons that he has a strong spirit to knowing what is going on in my heart.

Spirit was a rescued puppy from the pound, and there is nothing better then a rescued dog let me tell you. But in closing I will show you an amazing image to me how lazy he is can be, and to me that is a sign to just slow down and appreciate the life ahead of us all…



2 thoughts on “A spirit of a dog…

  1. Wow what a cutie and you are not going to believe it. My dog sparky who passed years ago is a spitting image of spirit. I think my angel came to watch over you in spirit and the name could have not be more fitting. I will have to send a picture.


    1. Yes, I would love to see an image of sparky? And maybe Sparky is in Spirit, and the funnier thing is that they both start with the letter “S”! Now that is crazy or look at it this way was it meant to be that you and I were here on this earth to find each other??

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