Hanging out with my sister…

Well I found out that my blood sugar is really low and that is been a problem for quite some time I am like in my lower 40’s for levels and normal range would be around 110 or a little bit better then that. But at least I know what going on with the pancreas as far as the way it is acting up. But I will take that news and keep moving forward like I have been. With that said I spend the afternoon with my sister. We went into town and did some shopping which is really strange to me in the sense that I barley ever go out due to what I feel and to be honest I am not really in the mood to standing in lines waiting to check out.

But having my sister today was a lot of fun, I mean the sun was shinning and I had fun with her we had a lot of laughs and to me it was a great thing. I mean tomorrow I will be with her again as we go to town for some more shopping we need to do. But the amazing part is my sister and her will. I mean she graduated this past year from a college in New York and she has no idea how proud I really am of her. I mean I wish I could tell her how proud I am, but I always have a hard time getting the words out of my mouth. For some reason that seems weird but I hope one day soon I can tell her them words. I mean she has a great future ahead of her, and to me that is all I can say about her. I mean I can one last thing is that she has a great spirit in her, I mean that is an important thing, and I know that I am blessed having her as my sister.

I wanted to end this post by saying that my attitude has been getting better as the days go on I am working on getting better and most importantly I am staying strong with my mind. When you go through the darkness sometimes it is really hard to seeing that light. I mean everybody is going through a lot of things in there lives at this very moment. And like I said to the friends I have out there, that there are going to be people dying tonight, and how amazing I was to survive another day knowing that someone is not going to get through the rest of the week. So with that said have a great evening, and take care of yourself and the people around you…

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