Short note…

Off and running today and it had been a busy start of a new month let me tell you. The weather is cold and I mean cold like below zero once again here, but the best part of the cold is knowing that spring is getting closer and closer. To me being cold means nothing like it was before. The day brought a lot of sun, and yes it brought a lot of wind and cold with it, but more then anything I am alive to see this day. I am so amazed of what a day really means lately to me. My treatment is not going so well lately, but I will not let my health stop me from enjoy what is in front of me. See knowing that sometimes there is no answers to what is going on in the front of you does not mean that you can find miracles in something else. I mean the sun is shining and the daylight is getting longer, and the days are like little miracles for me in the sense of what is going on in my life in the whole picture really means nothing in the end. And me knowing this life is meant for these miracles to be happening. And I could not be any prouder of what these miracles are doing for me, they might not be helping me with the sense of my health, but to see people smiling around me today makes me feel that much better.

I know that I am having a hard time writing this post, I am struggling for the words never come out right, and the main thing is sometimes they don’t have to come out right. As long as I am feeling good about myself the rest will fall into place. I guess sometimes you don’t have to write a long post to tell people what your feeling. So, with this said I wanted to close by saying look for them small miracles even in the times of darkness, you will be surprised what you may find out, with that said you take care of yourself and the others around you…

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