Snow and birds…

Well it is snowing and I mean like up to 14 inches of snow in some of the areas today where I am at. We had nothing for snow fall, so that is good that we are getting some overdue snow in the area today. I am at my desk working hard with the business that I own and run and today I was thinking about the time I never get to take off and go do anything fun. I hope that maybe if I am feeling better that I can change those things for me. Working so hard takes away the pain I am feeling on the inside of me. But sitting at work in my office and looking at the snow I feel like I am sitting where I need to be at this time. Hard to explain the emotions of what I am feeling, and I try here on this blog and I feel like I never make any sense or better yet that I can’t get the words out that I am trying to say to you. I know that I use this blog for therapy for myself, and sometimes that is a good thing and then sometimes I feel like what the hell am I doing this for anyways. But in the end that does not matter because it is my thoughts on paper and no one else.

As I sit am sitting here I am watching the birds as they sit in the trees. And I am always curious to see what they are thinking as the snow covers the ground once again. I know the birds can see me through my window and they are all puffed up with their feathers trying to stay warm as well. I find nature to be amazing thing. We have to live with the animals outside of our warm and cozy places, and then to my thinking outside the box I am wonder what the heck it is that they are thinking.

But I guess I better get back to work here the phone been ringing off the hook and I know that is business waiting for me on that end. Just wanted to drop a short note and tell you that life is going to be okay today, and that I will be making the best of it. So with that said be good to each other and the people around you…

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