A new computer…

Well, I went out and made a big purchase today and that was a new computer. I spent a total of $2432.44 and to me that is a lot for a new Mac. But I can not complain at the same time here for my old computer which was a Mac I got over 7 years on it, and the keys were all worn off to where you could not even tell what key you were hitting anymore. So, that was my big gift for myself for the year! But I am sitting here getting all the stuff on to the new computer and to me that is a slow process. But I will not complain one big here. I just am happy to have something that will not loose any data at least for awhile. But to get 7 years out of my old Mac was pretty damn good if you ask me. But I wanted to tell you that when I was picking it up the man that help me make the big decision was pretty neat, I will tell you that he was blind and that he could not see anything, and to me that was a big surprise in the sense that I would never seen that coming when it comes to computers.

Being blind did not stop him from helping me and the best part of the story he was not always blind he was in the war and that he lost his eye sight during a combat mission in Iraq. He was 28 years and he was strong in his mind set. And the more I was talking to him he asked me if I served and I told him yes I did, and that we all have our experiences when it comes to loosing someone that was close to us. And he also asked me about my life and what it was about, and I told him that we are here to talk about computers not my life, but then again I will tell you that he could sense things more then I ever could. I mean he could sense things like emotions and I will tell you for not seeing he was good at the emotional side of it. The reason I bring this up is because never judge a book by it’s cover and I was not doing that at all actually I was more surprised that he could read me for not seeing me.

But I was in the store for over 2 hours more then I wanted, but in the end this man was amazing in the sense of his strength and I was looking at him and telling myself that I am going to take that and put that to who I am, I might be broken with my health but at least I have my eyes for seeing yet. So, in closing what a big day, I got a new gift called a computer, but I got even a bigger gift then the computer I took the time out of my life to talk to a man that was blind and I learned a lot about who I was with in that mans soul. I just wanted to tell you that people come into your life for a reason and I think my reason today that this man was there for me to tell myself that it is really going to be okay and to keep fighting and keep moving forward no matter what happens in the end. So with tat said you take care of yourself and then go out there and meet someone that you could make a difference with…

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