Old lady in the store what a message today…

Another day is almost over for me and the funny thing is that today was the fastest day in my life in so many ways, I was so busy running around and getting things done. I went even to the grocery store and met a really nice lady. I mean she was 94 years old and we had a great time talking as we were checking out. And she asked me why I am eating so healthy and that a young man like myself should be eating pizzas and candy and just junk. And I smiled at her and said the old me would be eating all the wrong things, and then I told her about my pancreas and liver failure. And she was so surprised by me in the store shopping. She was like talking to an angel that I walked out with her and helped her with unloading her groceries in her car. And we talk for like 30 minutes or so, and what I learned by talking to her was that she suffered a lot of pain, that she had children and they all died before she did, and that she was married for over 60 years and then her husband die a few years ago and she has been lonely seen that. I asked her what she was living for, and she replied to me that she was living because God told her that it was not her time to go and that she had a lot of things to do before she departed for heaven. I just stood back and smiled knowing that she was a happy soul. And then she asked me about what my plans were with my health and I told her that I am going to fight this and win, and she asked me not to do this alone and I told her that I have someone watching me that I met on this blog, and she was telling me that being alone is not something you want to wish upon yourself.

That being alone can lead to a lot of strange things in your life and she said to me take it from me I have lost everything. I outlived my family and my children and all my friends, I go to a nursing home and I have the staff take care of me 7 days a week and she said that it’s not the same at all. I told her about my friend and how close she was to me, but we will always remain good friends and that she is struggling with her mother dying. And this gentle soul of an old lady told me that to tell this friend that life has a funny way of doing things and not to let the things stop you from growing yet. And I asked her what that really meant, and she replied you tell your friend that loosing a mother is a rough thing, but what is rougher then that is that you might not be able to recover after what she has done to you mentally as that person. See I know being a mother is a hard thing, and that sometimes we make the right things happen and then at times we do not make the right decisions at all. But you tell your friend that you will see her again, and that you have to find peace within yourself, because your not going to find that in your mother. No matter how hard you try to convince yourself you have to be at peace with yourself first.

I said that was some wise words, and that I would share this on the blog today so that my tiger spirit can see that I am doing the best I can for her with her mother. And the thing you have to remember tiger spirit if your reading this that we are all in this together. This blog these people on this blog have feelings and that we will do anything asked to helping another person with the problems that they are facing.

I have learned there is a lot of support here in this blog, and that we are a family in the end of this. I learned that every time I come here and speak from my heart that someone else is listening and reading this and that there heart is going to come out and say the right things to me when I am in the struggles in my life. I mean this lady today taught me a lot about myself in the sense of what we need to do in this life. And to me this lady lost everything and she keeps moving forward, and I am sure she is carrying a lot of struggles with her knowing she lost all her family and friends, but the part that gets me is that she has a strong spirit. And I have to remember that it is a strong spirit that gets you by nothing else is going to get you to the finish line.

So in closing, my tiger spirit I pray that you find peace in your heart soon and learn that your life is even going to be stronger with the people here on this blog and that your loved by so many that words can not describe that feeling. I know that we are not the ones that raised you like your parents did, but damn it in the end we are that family you need to keep pushing forward. Trust me if it was not for you I would of not made it this far in my treatment, I would of been dead already. But it was your spirit that helped me get through my pains and you will continue to always being there like you are and thank you for that strength in your times of current pain. But until then be good to yourself and the other around you. And like I said go talk to someone and be surprised what you may find out about them as well. Many blessings and until next time be good…

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