Truck drive today…

Well another day is almost behind myself again and what did I learn from today that I did not from yesterday? Well I learned a lot today actually I learned that there is going to be a turning point soon with my health and what ever happens I am going to be at peace with the outcome. I mean I been battling for so long that I am forgotten what normal feels like, but then again is there a normal in your life? That is the question that has been on my mind for awhile actually to what a normal day looks like. But more importantly today was full of blessings for I went for a ride in the truck and took a nice long ride through all the back roads to where I live, and the sun was shinning and the temps were in the 20’s and there was fresh snow on the ground and in the fields. But as I was driving I was pondering a lot in my mind, and I was thinking how how really precious this life really is and how many people like myself look at it this way. I know there are days that make no sense at all then there are the days that make complete sense. And today driving made me feel so free for the first time in awhile. I mean I drove through some areas where there was a cemetery and it made me even think about those people that walked this earth way before I was born. I was wondering what life was like for them. And I know one thing is that life was simple in the sense that there was less in it. But still amazing to me that these people were real at one time and now they are a name on stone with a birthday day, and then on there is the day they left this earth as well.

But the drive was so refreshing for me. And like I said before it made me think of so much and how good that I have it. And like I have said before there is someone that is going to be dying in a hospital tonight and I am still lucky that I have that chance to keep moving forward. I mean no better feeling at the end of the day when you know that it might not of been perfect but then again to me it  was not about being perfect it was just about being right more then anything. But that was my day in a nut shell nothing to crazy, but like I said I like the day I had today when it was just right.

In closing this post, I wanted to say one last thing, and that is tomorrow is coming and that I want to do something different then I did today, and I think that tomorrow will be full of many miracles and I just have a feeling that someone is going to bump into me and ask me about anything about life and I have felt ready for that to be the answer that I am looking for. That person that random stranger that I will be learning from in the sense of getting a message from. I mean I love when people do that to me, I love that they can share there stories to me and that they can also teach me a few things about life that I don’t know about. So, in closing like I also close by take care of yourself and make sure that you take care of the others around you. That is the most important thing at the end of the day… Be good and until next time many blessings to you…

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