A walk into the past today…

Well we are going to be 10 days into this month and that is crazy to me because yesterday it felt like the new year just was started and now we are into the tenth day of the second month here. Just means that nothing is going to slow down in the near future here. But today was a lot of smiles for me and that is not a normal thing for me to smile, but today there were people in my journey that made me smile. And it was over the simplest things that I seen. But I have to remember that life is one big trip we are all on here.  Just know that the best things happen to you when you least expect them to happen and today it was an old man that I was talking to and he was like in his 90’s actually I think he said he was 97 years old. And I met him when I was in town running around getting things done for myself. But I had some tea at this restaurant and I was just minding my own business and this man came in wearing a World War II hat and I had to ask him about his service because of what he did for me and this country. I mean talking to a Veteran in one of the best things you can do for yourself I mean these people are what kept America free in the worse times of what this world seen. And you have to remember that they sacrifice everything in the end even leaving there families and not even knowing if they were ever going to come back.

I mean I served my country as well and I never really talk about my service for that is what good men that served do. They have no reasons to share them experiences but after today I learned that maybe that it is good to share the things that you want to share from being in the military. I mean this man was a pilot in a B-25 and flew missions in the war. And he was sitting in front of me telling me the stories of leaving his family and joining the Army and he even lied about his age to serve he was 16 and there is no way you can do that anymore. But he just was telling me about his life after and why he did what he had to do. And the money he made in the war went home to his mother so that he could support her and the farm that they grew up on. Just amazing in so many ways that this man had a great life.

But in closing this story I learned that he out lived his family and that he had a son and daughter that died like 20 years before he did. So it just shows me that I have a lot to live for yet, and I have to win over this physical condition and I mean I want this so far behind me that I can’t wait for that day that I can say that I bet this crap. I look forward to the day that I can watch my daughter grow and even get married and to watch her start her own family. But first thing is getting better and then is about taken one step at a time here and watch things as they unfold. One last thing I want to say is that the man that talk to me today his name was Henry and when it was all said and done he told me to remember this, That living life is one thing, but to give back to someone that has nothing means more then anything you can do in this world. To be kind to everyone around you even if they are being mean to you. That never loose the faith in who you are as a person. And to not let people tell you that you can’t do this or that for they never had that power to change themselves. And Henry said last to me that if we never meet again, that there will be a time that you will remember me by in the sense of what I said to you and that you will apply this to your life, because there is no better gift that you can give yourself and the end of the day.

So, those where the wise words from a man that lived in time period where life was hard and then served his country and went to war, and then had a family and then to top that off that he outlived them all including his wife of 55 years. And with that said be really good to yourself this day and to make sure that you can help others when you get that chance. Take care and many blessings to you…

17 thoughts on “A walk into the past today…

  1. I love reading your stories you are meeting so many amazing people. You are right ignore the naysayers just because they lack the motivation and courage does not mean you should. My Grandfather signed up in WWI at 16 years old. Too young if you ask me but it was his choice.

    You are achieving so many things in your life simply because you choose to make the most of life. People need to take a leaf out of your book. Blessings to you as always.

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